Spring seems to have sprung early this year, and with it have come the allergies- stuffiness, itchy eyes, sneezing... Allergies can make it nearly impossible to enjoy finally emerging from the depths of winter back into the sunshine. This blend of echinacea, nettle, elderflower, plantain, albizzia, eyebright, yarrow & licorice with wild rose honey help to normalize the immune response, clear away congestion and tonify leaky mucous membranes. It can be taken preemptively to strengthen your immune system prevent a response, or carried with you just in case.



Acute symptoms: 1-2ml upon onset of symptoms. Repeat every 10 minutes until symptoms subside up to 10ml.

Seasonal symptoms: Begin to take 1-2ml a day 1 month before allergy season. Continue daily through the allergy season.

Allergy Relief Tincture

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