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A Beginner's Guide to Wellness

A Beginner's Guide to Wellness will walk you through learning what wellness practices work best for your body. The wellness techniques included in this book focus on observing your own body and discovering what choices you can make to develop regular health positive actions. Learn how to set goals and overcome obstacles so you are able to live in a state of wellness. Take the first step today to make more effective hydration, nutrition, movement, sleep, and stress reduction choices that best work for you. Purchase your copy today and save well over $500 in consultation costs.

This book gets you started on many of the wellness practices that holistic practitioners recommend starting with before working with them. As an herbalist, I am always seeing individuals not ready to work on their own wellness, just wanting an herb to fix things. Long term, wellness practices are what will keep you healthy and happy and as much as we might not want to go to bed early, it is what will really matter. 

You already know what you need to do to be healthy. This book helps you take those steps and make them part of your daily life in a way that will not add more stress to your day. 

Will this book help me with my problem?

I have a hard time sleeping at night.

Generally, most trouble falling asleep has to do with our stress levels. This book will support you in reducing your overall stress experience. For those of you who do not have a regular sleep schedule already, this book will help you start to have a regular sleep schedule.

I am often constipated.

Constipation is a very common thing. When it is not due to medications, constipation is generally due to a lack of movement and ineffective nutrition. This book helps support both of these wellness practices, starting you towards more movememnt in your life as well as guiding you to finding what food choices you can make to change your symptoms.

I have a hard time playing with my children because it hurts for me to stand for along time.

If you are not injured, adding more movement into your life can do wonders for your strength and stamina. This book looks at 3 beginner stages of movement so even if you sit all day right now this book can help improve your quality of live with changes to your movement. Wouldn't it be great to have the energy to play as much as you want!

I feel angry all the time and when I am not, I am scared to talk to people. I don't know what to do.

While these are all challenging things to overcome, this book starts to guide you to process these challenges so you can begin to work through them. This book contains stress reduction techniques to help relax your challenges and discussion topics to help you to create effective interactions with yourself and others.

My skin is so brittle and I am not that old.

Skin is supported by two main things we eat: oil and water. This book will help you figure out when you need more of which one and how to get them regularly in your diet without difficulty.

Oh ya, I would love to loose some weight.

This book is not a book for weight loss, it is a book to initiate healthy heating and movement habits. For most of us, when we are eating what feels good, what actually feels good, and exercising to strengthen our bodies, we tend to loose weight until we are at a sustainable weight level. This book does support you in finding those food choices that work for you and supports you in finding effective movement techniques.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Wellness Inputs 

Chapter 2 Behavior Change 

Chapter 3 Water in our Bodies 

Chapter 4 Being Conscious of our Body 

Chapter 5 Hydration Techniques 

Chapter 6 Movement Practices 

Chapter 7 Breathing and Meditation Techniques 

Chapter 8 Relationship with the Self 

Chapter 9 Conscious Eating, Exploring Your Digestion 

Chapter 10 Movement Practice Stage 2 

Chapter 11 Successful Sleep Patterns 

Chapter 12 Your Relationship to Others 

Chapter 13 Making Good Food Choices 

Chapter 14 Stress Reduction Techniques 

Chapter 15 Common Hydration Challenges 

Chapter 16 Inflammation is the Cause of Everything 

Chapter 17 Movement Practice Stage 3 

Chapter 18 Your Relationship with Spirit/Deity/Soul 

Chapter 19 Herbs for Wellness Support 


Appendix A The Next Step on the Wellness Path 

Appendix B Additional Nutrition Experiments 

Appendix C Recipes 

Appendix D Glossary

Where do I get the journal pages for this book?

If you have already purchased this book and are working through it you may now be wanting some pages for your journal. Click here to find the various journal forms recommended to use as you work through A Beginner's Guide to Wellness or purchase a printed version through Amazon.

Where do I go after I complete the work in this book?

For many of you, the work in this book will only be a stepping stone towards creating a life of wellness. Not all health problems can be solved with movement, sleep, and nutrition alone.

When you have set yourself on a path to wellness, beginning to work with an herbalist, naturopath, or other holistic practitioner can support you on the next step to solving the underlying issue you may be experiencing.

The Dancing Herbalist offers a variety of consultation options including support in nutrition and exercise alone. For more information on our herbal, nutritional, and wellness consultations visit our consultation page.

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