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Celebrate National Herb Day At:

Herb Fest 2017

May 13th in Frederick, MD


Join us for a full day of herbal activities, crafts, classes, and museum tours at

Schifferstadt Architectural Museum.


Pick up a mystery coupon, enjoy a free class, chat with various herbalists, and have a fun spring day just before Mother's Day.


May 13th-descriptions below

11am Herbal Medicine for the New Enthusiast

11:30am-3pm Garden Tours/Herb Walks

12pm-2:30pm Museum Tours ($5 suggested)

12:30-3pm Herbal Demonstrations*

3-4:30pm The Healing Powers Hidden in your Kitchen $$ with Jillian Carnrick

3-4:30pm Colonial Cordials $$ with Betsy Miller



Please call 207.314.2576 to register for one of the paid classes and to reserve your seat for

Herbal Medicine for the New Enthusiast. We will have limited seating if the rain moves us indoors.



Afternoon classes can be pre-registered for at a rate of $30 or pay at the door for a rate of $35.

Space is limited if event is moved indoors to 8 per class.

What about kids?

Kids are welcomed and encouraged to join us. We will have activities for them including herb stories, coloring, games, and crafts with The Dancing Herbalist's Interns. Kids will also enjoy going on the herb walk with us in the afternoon. It is not recommended for kids to attend the afternoon classes.



E-mail Jillian at


Take the opportunity to shop for Mother's Day from our wonderful vendors:

The Dancing Herbalist

A Balanced Life Wellness

Sweet Farm

Schifferstadt Gardeners


*Each of these vendors will be offering herbal demonstrations, crafts, and fun offerings through the day. Visit all vendors and get a passport stamped for a chance to win prizes from TDH and ABLW.

A National Historic Landmark
Herbal Medicine for the New Enthusiast

This fun and exciting class with Jillian and Betsy takes you through 6 different herbal products and 6 different herbs to really get you started in using herbs in your life in a fun and accessible manor. This fun class is great for everyone to kick off our day outside next to a lovely colonial herb garden.

Steeped in history, the lovely Schifferstadt Architectural Museum is sure to please anyone who is interested in learning more about the early history of Frederick, MD. Visitors may tour the museum and not only learn about the German family, the Brunners, who built the house in 1758, but see its unique architectural features. Museum guides will be available for the majority of the day to lead tours during Herb Fest.

Garden Tours and Herb Walks

Learn about:

Use of Comfrey, Cayenne, Mint, and other herbs

Colonial Gardening

Barefoot Doctor Techniques

Growing and Using Culinary Herbs

and....Topics Just for Kids!

Herbalists, gardeners, docents, and herbal students will be available to guide visitors through the lovely colonial herb garden and discuss various attributes of the garden. Each presenter will focus on a different herb or topic. Be sure to stick around to hear from everyone through the day and pick up some excellent tips and treasures around herbs.

Master Classes

Master Herbalist Classes at Schifferstadt

The Healing Powers Hidden in your Kitchen

We all go through our kitchens every day and rarely stop to think about what we are eating or what is lurking in the back of our cupboards filled with herbs and spices. This class opens up those cupboards and takes it all out.

Through this 1.5 hour class, Jillian delves into the different foods, herbs, and spices we usually have in our kitchen. Learn how they can benefit your wellness, help you when you are sick, and other tricks of the trade to keep you healthy and happy just using what you already have!

Jillian Carnrick, the face behind The Dancing Herbalist, focuses on wellness first, medicine later. This class helps with that prevention of dis-ease we so often experience. If you are lucky, she may also talk about some folk remedies and topical uses of herbs in your kitchen.

Be sure to call Jillian at 207.314.2576 to pre-register for either of these classes as indoor space is limited in the case of rain. Pre-payment is required with registration.

Colonial Cordials

Cordials are a traditional way of preparing and administering herbs, dating back hundreds of years. Cordials are often a combination of hard alcohol, such as brandy, and a fruit or spice flavored simple syrup or concentrate.

The art of cordial making emerged out of the Renaissance period in Europe as the practice of distillation grew and perfected. During medieval times, cordials were revered for their ability to invigorate and revitalize the heart, body, and spirit.


In this class, join herbalist Betsy Miller in learning how to craft your own cordial recipe, combing herbs for both flavor and medicinal use!

Betsy Miller is a clinical herbalist and licensed nutritionist in the Northern Virginia area. She completed her Master’s Degree in herbal medicine at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, and currently teaches there. Betsy is also a founding faculty member and current

instructor with the Mid-Atlantic School of Herbalism located in College Park, Maryland.

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