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Ingredients: Everclear, DI Water, Angelica Root, Comfrey Root, Cinnamon Bark, Valerian Root, Hyssop Leaf, Safflower, Calendula Flowers

Use: Apply a few drops of this liquid to your hand and then rub on muscles you with to revitalize after exercise.

Dit Dat Jiao Liniment is an alcohol extract of herbs that is used on the skin, traditionally by martial artists after exercise. It encourages the body to heal more effectively after exercise. Valerian helps improve reaction time and coordination of muscles. While Calendula and Comfrey help to heal tissues that have been damaged with exercise. When exercising, toxins generally will build up in the muscles. Angelic helps to remove these toxins after exercise and cinnamon helps relieve some of the strain and pain on muscles directly after exercise.


Some individuals may want to use this product in conjunction with our Arnica Cream. If you are choosing to use both of these, this is how you want to think about using them. When you are doing a normal work out session, nothing extra than normal, using the dit dat jiao afterwards will help your body to get the most out of the exercise session. If you have overdone it, or just competed in a marathon or larger exercise bout, consider using the arnica cream instead to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness from the extra exercise and potentially damaging inflammation.


While we do not claim our products will heal certain conditions we do make sure that all of the herbs we include in our products are throughly researched at supporting your physical wellness.

Dit Dat Jiao Liniment