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Ingredients: Everclear, Jewelweed, DI Water


Use: Apply a few drops of this liquid to your hand and then rub area exposed to poison ivy after cleaning the area. Can also be applied to a rash to prevent the spread. Not intended to treat poison ivy rashes.


Jewelweed has long been used as an herb for poison ivy. It is thought to be the natural remedy to poison ivy as they tend to grow in the same environment. This liniment uses freshly picked jewelweed stalks and flowers, is blended with a dash of water to liquify, and then is preserved with alcohol. This orange liquid holds the lovely juice of jewelweed and you can use this product two different ways. If you think you have been exposed to poison ivy you can apply this liniment to the area to prevent yourself from getting a rash. If you already have a rash, you can apply the liniment to the rash to help dry up the rash and reduce the spread of the oils. When the poison ivy is no longer spreading, a product like our First Aid Salve can be used to heal the rash. 


While we do not claim our products will heal certain conditions we do make sure that all of the herbs we include in our products are throughly researched at supporting your physical wellness.

Jewelweed Liniment