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Ingredient list: Infused Olive Oil (1:5) (Olive Oil, Bay Leaf, Cayenne Fruit, Eucalyptus Leaf, Ginger Root, Mugwort Leaf, Rosemary Leaf), Beeswax, Menthone, Rosemary Essential Oil


Use: Apply a pea size amount to stimulate warmth and relaxation in the region.


Our Warming Salve is our most popular product. It is for more chronic pain, containing the lovely herbs cayenne and ginger. Cayenne and ginger are both known reduce a molecule called Substance P that is involved in the transmission of pain signals from where it hurts to the brain. They sort of trick the brain into thinking there is no pain there. Most pain relieving products cover up the pain with either a hot or a cold feeling. This product does not actually cause a warming like sensation because what cayenne and ginger do is actually stop the signaling, they are taking away the pain, not covering it up.


I have had some individuals use this product between cortisone shots to give you an idea of how much pain it is supportive for. If you have not felt some relief within 10-15 minutes you just did not put enough on the first time and should apply another layer. One man even returned saying he had put on one application before walking all weekend and his pain had not returned 3 days later! -Jillian




Cayenne primarily acts as an irritant, desensitizing pain receptors and reducing nervous impulses to pain as a result (Nakamura 1999, Calixto 2000, Hargreaves 2010, Hern´andez-Ortega 2012). Cayenne is effective topically to relieve non-specific chronic low back pain (Keitel 2001, Fererick 2003). In mice models, cayenne has been shown to be anti-inflammatory as well as a body temperature stimulant (Spiller 2008, Hern´andez-Ortega 2012, Jolayemi 2013). Cayenne is effective at reducing pain due to osteoarthritis (Camerone 2014) and chronic soft tissue pain (Chrubasik 2010). A 2014 Cochrane review found Cayenne more effective than placebo at relieving pain and suggested additional research.


Ginger has been well studied for its use in osteoarthritis and found to be effective at relieving the associated pain (Leong 2013, Therkleson 2013 and 2014, Bartles 2014). Ginger is also effective for rheumatoid arthritis and is being looked at further as a potential curative for RA (Al-Nahain 2014). Ginger relieves chronic back pain with both short and long term relief (Sritoomma 2013).


Bay leaf offers analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and a moderate sedative effect (Sayyah 2003).


Rosemary reduces pain and inflammation in mouse models (Emani 2013, Raskovic 2015).




The warming salve is magic. I loved how my wrists responded to it within 5 minutes of putting it on. I suffer from pain in my joints much like arthritis, although the carpal tunnel syndrome has been the diagnosis. I think it was my history of being a gymnast that didn't help my wrists. Anyhow, I love the product, very helpful, pleasing smell, and just wonderful! --Carolyne Stolzenfels


While we do not claim our products will heal certain conditions we do make sure that all of the herbs we include in our products are throughly researched at supporting your physical wellness.

Warming Salve